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Monday, July 15, 2024


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Season Opens

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From the state Department of Community Affairs

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Encourages Residents to Apply to Help Pay Energy Bills

TRENTON – The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) announced that the FY24 Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) season opened on October 1. New Jersey residents can now apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and other utility assistance programs, which are available to help with utility bills.

“We understand that there is still a need for utility assistance and DCA is here to help,” said Acting Commissioner Jacquelyn A. Suárez. “Programs like LIHEAP make certain that those in need get the assistance they require.”

LIHEAP is one of several programs DCA provides to help New Jersey households in need with basic resources such as housing and heating to promote long-term physical well-being. These programs include LIHEAP, which is a federal program that helps households at or below 60 percent of the state median income ($7,069 a month for a family of four) pay for energy costs (electric, gas, deliverable fuels, and those included in rent), and the Universal Service Fund (USF) program, which provides a monthly credit on electric and gas bills for households at or below 60 percent of the state median income ($84,830 a year for a family of four). To qualify for USF, the household must pay more than 2 percent of its annual income for electric or for natural gas. If a household has electric heat, it must spend more than 4% of its annual income on electricity to be eligible.

FY 2024 USFHEA Income Limit

Household #MonthlyAnnual
1$ 3,676$ 44,111
2$ 4,807$ 57,684
3$ 5,938$ 71,257
4$ 7,069$ 84,830
5$ 8,200$ 98,402
6$ 9,331$ 111,975
7$ 9,543$ 114,520
8$ 9,755$117,065
9$ 9,968$ 119,610
10$ 10,180$ 122,155
11$ 10,392$ 124,700
12$ 10,604$ 127,245

Any additional member after 12: for HEA add $213 a month; for USF $213

Households can visit the DCAid portal at to submit an application for LIHEAP or other assistance programs. The DCAid portal has a tool for residents to check what other benefits they may qualify for. Residents who do not have access to computers or the internet can call 1-800-510-3102 to be directed to one of the community action agencies partnering with DCA to assist them with starting, completing, and submitting an application online. A list of the community organizations providing such assistance is available at on the DCA website.

LIHEAP applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so applicants should not wait to apply.

DCA offers a wide range of programs and services, including local government management and finance, affordable housing production, fire safety, building safety, community planning and development, disaster recovery and mitigation, and information privacy. DCA’s Division of Housing and Community Resources administers the Section 8 HCV program. The Division is committed to strengthening neighborhoods through the delivery of affordable housing and supportive services and to providing financial and technical assistance to municipalities, community action agencies, and other nonprofit organizations for community and economic development projects that improve the quality of life for residents, especially those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

For more information about DCA, visit

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