Thursday, December 7, 2023

Local Candidates for Election

By S. Harvey Roach, Cape May

To the Editor:

As we approach Election Day, it is important to remember how critical it is for all citizens to exercise their right to vote. All elections are important, and even more important is an informed voter. A candidate who clearly articulates a position on important issues while advocating for transparency and clarity in government can inform a voter about the many issues facing us here in South Jersey.

Too often we have been inundated with obfuscation by those in office and some seeking office. Recently, the Cape May County Regular Democratic Organization hosted a Meet the Candidates event via Zoom that featured Democratic candidates for the state Assembly, Damita White-Morris and Eddie Bonner; Democratic candidate for Cape May County commissioner, Patricia O’Connor; and Democratic candidate for Cape May County surrogate, Beverly McCall, Esq. These candidates articulated their positions on a variety of issues and demonstrated what clarity and tolerance are.

I would urge my fellow citizens to go to or to view this most informative event.

Please inform yourself, and remember to vote either by mail or in person.


Cape May

ED. NOTE: The author is the leadership chair of the Cape May County Regular Democratic Organization.

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