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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Wildwood Crest Summer Basketball League Results July 31-Aug. 6, 2020

Saratoga Grill

By Press Release

WILDWOOD CREST – The following are results from recent games played in the Wildwood Crest Recreation summer basketball leagues:
High School Boys
Friday, July 31
Alfe’s Restaurant 55, Casiello Construction 54: Jared Hopping tallied 16 points and J.P. Baron chipped in 15 points for Alfe’s. Steven Sheets posted a game-high 26 points and Junior Hans added 18 points in the loss.
Chris Henderson Realty 54, Crestfully Clean 45: Joh Vallese’s 16 points and Preston Cafiero’s 10 points paced CHR. Michael Zarfati (19) and Christian Short (16) led Crestfully Clean.
Sam’s Pizza 54, Smitty’s Parking 51: Omarian McNeal netted 19 points and David Zarfati contributed 17 points for Sam’s. Tyler Bailey (14) and Ernie Troiano IV (10) led Smitty’s.
Monday, Aug. 3
Sam’s Pizza 60, Casiello Construction 59: Omarian McNeal poured in 32 point and David Zarfati chipped in 12 points for Sam’s. Joel Robinson tallied 22 points and Steven Sheets scored 17 points in the loss.
Chris Henderson Realty 38, Alfe’s Restaurant 36: Seamus Fynes scored a game-high 19 points ad Jared Knights posted 15 points for the winners. J.P. Baron registered 17 points and Luke Basile chipped in six points for Alfe’s.
Smitty’s Parking Lots 31, Crestfully Clean 19: Dominick Troiano produced nine points and Ernie Troiano IV scored eight points to lead a balanced attack for Smitty’s. Christian Short scored seven points and Michael Zarfati had six points in the loss.
Wednesday, Aug. 5
Crestfully Clean 38, Chris Henderson Realty 30: Christian Short led all scorers with 16 points and John Leahy chipped in 11 points for the winners. Jared Knights registered nine points and Ethan Burke recorded eight points in the loss.
Alfe’s Restaurant 57, Casiello Construction 51: Dylan Delvecchio posted 18 points and Declan Cassidy and J.P. Baron each netted 12 points for Alfe’s. Mackey Bonner (15) and Junior Hans (12) each scored in double figures in the loss.
Sam’s Pizza 52, Smitty’s Parking Lots 47: David Zarfati collected 18 points and Harley Buscham recorded seven points for Sam’s. Ernie Troiano IV sank 20 points and Liam Alling added 13 points for Smitty’s.
Standings: Alfe’s Restaurant 8-1, Chris Henderson Realty 7-2, Sam’s Pizza 6-3, Smitty’s Parking Lots 3-6, Crestfully Clean 3-6, Casiello Construction 0-9.
Grades 3-5 Co-ed:
Tuesday, Aug. 4
Playoff – Saratoga Grill 17, Lunch With Lynch 14: Katie Eichenhofer tallied eight points and Owen Bannon chipped in six points for the winners. Addison Troiano’s six points and Evan Papageorgiou’s four points paced Lunch With Lynch.
Playoff – Poppi’s Pizza 33, Wawa Markets 20: Michael Sciarra’s nine points and Rio Pitts’ seven points led Poppi’s. Theo Margarites led all scorers with 14 points and Charlie Flickinger chipped in five points in the loss.
Thursday, Aug. 6
Championship – Saratoga Grill 13, Poppi’s Pizza 11: Owen Bannon tallied seven points and Harper Reilly added six points, two of which came on free throws with less than a minute to play to give her team the lead for good. Callan Murtha recorded five points and Michael Sciarra chipped in four points for Poppi’s.
Grades 6-8 Co-ed:
Tuesday, Aug. 4
Cone Crazy 40, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 27: Mark Stendardo (15) and Ahmed Djellal (10) each scored in double figures for the winners. Surfin’ Sundae got nine points from Eddie Fucci and eight points from Stephen Kmetz.
Dogtooth Bar & Grill 44, Duffer’s Ice Cream 42 (OT): Alex Daniel netted 13 points and Aydan Howell added 12 points for the Dogtooth. Brian Cunniff’s 16 points and Carter Short’s eight points led Duffer’s.
Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 41, Domino’s Pizza 35: Michael Rachubinski collected 17 points and Jack Kurtz contributed 11 points for Adventurer. Cade Vogdes topped all scorers with 18 points and Micah Watkins added 10 points for Domino’s.
Final Regular-Season Standings: Duffer’s Ice Cream 7-2, Dogtooth Bar & Grill 7-2, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 4-5, Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 4-5, Cone Crazy 3-6, Domino’s Pizza 2-7.
Thursday, Aug. 6
Playoff – Dogtooth Bar & Grill 75, Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 37: Ayden Howell (15) and Alex Daniel (14) fueled a balanced scoring attack for Dogtooth. Keynan Alston and Dennis Rodriguez collected 12 points apiece in the loss.
Playoff – Duffer’s Ice Cream 54, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 35: Chuckie Clunn registered a game-high 18 points and Brian Cunniff added 13 points for Duffers. Gavin Burn sank 13 points and George William and Eddie Fucci each added eight points in the loss.

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