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All about fishing 12/7/2005

By Rick Racela

There is some good blue fishing seven or eight miles off the beach.  The Cape May Rips have not been like recent years. The weather could not get together with the right tides. Don’t get me wrong, fish were caught in the rips and the Delaware Bay produced some large cow stripers.
The beaches were slow the last couple of weeks. Maybe the fish we target have too much pressure on them, and we’re starting to see a reduction in stock. Or was it water temperature? Who knows? It seems like this year things are winding down early for the striper fisherman.
This week the only stripers being caught with any consistency was on the lumps off Wildwood anchor up with clams. There were many hungry sand sharks caught with the stripers. Fish finder rigs were working best.
The wreck fishing for blackfish remains good at the Cape May Reef. While the sea bass are 30 to 50 miles off the beach. Most of the time to get to these offshore wrecks you have to book passage on 12 or 16-hour charters. 
Jims Bait in Cape May is only open weekends until Christmas and will reopen in March. Thanks for all the great reports.
Best to call ahead this time of year if you plan a fishing outing. Most tackle shops have limited hours this time of year.
No Bones Bait and Tackle reports stripers were caught at Champagne Island on clam bellies.
Just hung Sunny’s stocking on the mantel. I had to get her a new stocking this year. She got a little overzealous last year. Sunny is getting used to the new tree this year, I think she really likes the idea having a real tree in the house. She can’t walk by it without giving it an extra sniff. There are not a lot of gifts under it yet, and I caught her taking a nap under it the other day.
Sunny gives the fishing two barks this week.
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