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Lower Twp Residents Encouraged to License Dogs by Oct. 1


By Press Release

VILLAS – Oct. 1 will be in the final chance for residents with dogs in Lower Township to license before possible summons will be issued by animal control officers.
Licensing is required by law and is beneficial to pet owners. Many pets are often returned to their families by officers from the license list by location and description, even if their tags have fallen off during an “escape.”
The following are the regulations for dogs in Lower Township:
All dogs over the age of six months shall be required to be licensed, and a license for same shall be obtained and attached to the harness or collar of each dog prior to January 31 of each and every year.
The fee for all dog licenses shall be $5 per year. Said fee includes a state registration fee of $1 and a state surcharge fee of $0.20 for the Pilot Clinic Fund and a Township Registration fee of $3.80.
There will be an additional Township surcharge fee of $2 and state surcharge fee of $3 for all dogs of the reproductive age that are non-spayed or non-neutered, with state surcharges going into the Animal Population Control Fund, making the fee for non-spayed and non-neutered dogs $10 per year. The above surcharges do not apply to registered service dogs.
Dog licenses shall be obtained from the Township Clerk. In addition, a late fee of $5 shall be added to the license fee after May 1 of each year, unless proof of new residency for a newly acquired dog is provided to the licensing official.
Failure to comply with the provisions of this section shall subject the violator, upon conviction, to a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000.
Lower Township has one of the lowest licensing fees in the state.
Pets can be licensed in person at the Municipal Hall located at 2600 Bayshore Road, Villas, during normal business hours. Applications are also available online at
For any questions on licensing, contact Shore Animal Control at 1-800-351-1822. There are 2 final free rabies clinics for the year coming up in Cape May County.
September 22, 2018: 1-3PM:  Upper Township at Shore Veterinarians, 73 Hope Corson, Seaville
September 29, 2018: 2-3 PM: Middle Township: 400 West Mechanic Street, CMCH

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