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Plan, Plan, Plan!


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The professional team at Town Bank Builders cannot even recount the number of times they have received a call requesting that they take on a project to be completed by the following month. Though they would absolutely love to be able to deliver such results, such a quick timeline is out of the question. In our culture of instantaneous gratification, it is sometimes hard to conceive of services that must be planned well in advance. However, a successful home renovation is one example of a homeowner’s project that requires long-term planning.

Before a builder can even offer an accurate estimate, on some larger projects, a homeowner must first have an architectural plan of the project. Town Bank Builders is unique in that they actually work directly with an architect and can therefore help clients with this important first step. From start to finish, these seasoned professionals can connect you with the required resources. But it is important to get the proper start.

From there, building applications, zoning regulations and in some cases, elevation certificates must be obtained, met and completed. Of particular concern to the Cape May County region, flood codes must be met. In some cases, this requires that homeowners modify their original vision and design to keep up to the latest code.

Essentially, doing your homework before consulting a builder makes the process easier for everyone. You as a homeowner know what to expect and what must be accomplished before construction begins, and the builder is in the position to begin your renovation or addition within a smaller time frame.

Most essential to building preparation is your allowable budget. Countless homeowners have elaborate visions of features they would like to incorporate into their home design. However, in many cases, including all of these aspects in the home’s architecture would greatly exceed their given budget. Managing expectations and therefore remaining within budget is the key advantage in working with a builder who can also assist in design. Town Bank Builders can ensure that your home design dreams are not quickly shattered.

Serving the Cape May area since 1970, Town Bank Builders has been recognized by many industry insiders for their quality workmanship. They encourage you to plan early and patiently for your ideal result. Give them a call at (609) 884-5151 today for details on how to get started on your home project. For testimonials and a complete portfolio of their work, visit

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