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Friday, April 12, 2024


Signs You Need New Windows & Storm Doors


By From South Jersey Glass

Although winter is more than halfway through, it’s clear that Old Man Winter is not through yet. Now is the time to prepare your home for frigid temperatures and winter storms. When making your list of winterizing tasks, be sure to include checking your windows and storms doors. Look for these four signs that you need windows and storm doors replaced or repaired:  

1. Drafts and chilly rooms.  

If you feel a draft coming from a window or storm door, or a particular room seems colder than the others, it likely means that hot air is escaping while cold air is coming in. This could be the result of windows or storm doors not fitting properly within their frames, creating gaps. Additionally, single pane windows offer little insulation against cold temperatures. Replace these windows with double and triple pane windows for added layers of insulation.  

2. High heating bills.  

When heat escapes through gaps along the edges of your windows and storm doors, your heating system has to work extra hard to maintain the temperature you’ve set for your home. Repair and replace your windows and doors to ensure proper insulation and keep those heating bills down.  

3. Extra noisy wind.  

If the wind seems extra loud through your windows and storm doors, they probably lack proper insulation or have cracks around the edges. As mentioned earlier, double and triple pane windows are best to insulate your home from both cool air and noise.  

4. Water on your windowsill or floor.  

If you spot small drops of water on the windowsills or floor beneath your windows or storm doors, you probably have a leak. Leaky windows and doors can lead to damaged frames, walls and floors, which can be costly to fix down the road. With snow just around the corner, it’s best to fix these leaks as soon as possible.  

South Jersey Glass & Door can help you keep winter outside of your home by replacing or repairing your windows and storm doors. Call (609) 522-2151 for your estimate, or visit the showroom at 2505 New Jersey Ave., North Wildwood. For more information, visit 

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