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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Advanced Treatment for Chronic Heel Pain

Advanced Treatment for Chronic Heel Pain

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Many people suffer from chronic heel pain and foot deformities needlessly because of fear or a lack of knowledge and understanding of corrective foot surgery. Dr. Charles Birk now offers advanced treatments, including a 20-minute non-surgical procedure to alleviate chronic heel pain.
Heel pain, or plantar facsiitis, results from inflammation in the connective tissue that stretches from the base of the toes, across the foot’s arch, to the point at which it inserts into the heel.
Typically, the pain is the worst during the first few steps in the morning. It is sometimes associated with a heel spur, in which case it is called “heel spur syndrome.” The condition can usually be successfully treated with conservative therapies, such as the use of anti-inflammatory medications, ice packs, stretching exercises, orthotic devices, night splints, cortisone injections and physical therapy.
If the condition doesn’t improve, ESWT or Shockwave Therapy may be considered.
Dr. Charles Birk is a diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and he is certified in Ultrasound Diagnostic Technology, Shockwave Heel Pain Therapy (ESWT) and is board certified in foot surgery.
Dr. Birk has offices in Court House and Beesley’s Point. To learn more about foot-related problems, visit or call (609) 465-1644.

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