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Sunday, May 19, 2024


The Fishing Line: Tides and tiles


By Carolyn Miller

This is what we have been waiting for. The fish are here.
Sterling Harbor reports the latest hot news is in the surf, with morning and evening catches of striped bass up to 42 inches from North Wildwood and Cape May beaches.
“This is probably some of the best spring surf fishing we’ve seen in years,” says Kathy Algard, “puppy drum are also in the mix.”
Sea bass remain steady at the reef and inshore wrecks. Drum fishing is back on track with good catches coming from the Pin Top area.
Bucktail Willie fishing out of Whale Creek Marina, Strathmere, found a steady summer flounder bite with many over the legal limit. All the fish were tagged with yellow American Littoral Tags and released.
Surf fishers on Whale Beach, Strathmere, had a real good time with striped bass.
Captain Ray agrees. Recent fishing was not red hot but if persistent, a number of areas paid off with stripers taking spearing and larger bait fish flies cast on sinking lines. Among the stripers he caught were two keepers with the biggest at 33 inches.
Ray also had some action with Atlantic sea herring. They were 15 to 18 inches long and took small bay anchovy size flies. He says they are a lot of fun to catch on a fly rod because they do a fair amount of jumping. The hot ‘go to’ fly was a Yank’s Assassin made by a fly tier in West Chester, Pa.
He’s not seeing any bluefish yet in the Cape May area but expects them any day. He’s heard some weakfish are being caught but he hasn’t met any yet.
Charlie Langan, charter coordinator, South Jersey Marina, reports that the drum fishing has really turned on. Joe Pritchard on the Big Game brought eight to the boat, all in the 30 to 35-pound class; just right for table fare.
Next trip, Captain Joe had nine catches, one weighing in at 68-pounds.
The Atlantic Star, Wildwood Crest, continues its success with a good pick on golden tile, a few blue line tile, rose fish, silver hake, and 2-pound blues. They boated over 50 golden tile with 10 of the fish between 50 and 58.3-pounds.
George Swickla, Smokey’s Marina, Reed’s Beach sent in the results from the Middle Township Mayor Nate Doughty Fifth annual Drum Fish Tournament:
First place: Captain Jim Goodroe, Pierces Point, 92-pound drum, 51.5-inches long; second place: Harry Cowan Jr., Green Creek, 78-pound fish, 48.5-inches long; third place: Skip Armstrong, Dias Creek, 77.25-pounds 49.5-inches long; fourth place: Jeremy Cox, Dias Creek, 71.5-pounds, 49-inches long; and fifth: Captain Joe Tomlin, Court House, 70.5-pounds, 50- inches long.
The NJ DEP is proposing amendments to the management and harvest of oysters in the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and tributaries. The proposal is to be published June 1. Written comments may be submitted through July 31. A copy of the proposal is at or call 856-785-0730.
And for the hunters out there, the United Bow Hunters of NJ is offering a $1000 Wildlife Conservation Scholarship to a UBNJ member, son, daughter or spouse of a member pursuing a degree in Wildlife Conservation or related field. Deadline May 31, on the UBNJ website.
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