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Sunday, May 19, 2024


The Fishing Line: All I Want for Christmas is…Fish


By Carolyn Miller

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching and the busyness of the season has kept many on shore. Of course, the weather hasn’t been too welcoming, either. As always, there is still news on the fishing front.
The Jersey Shore Beach N Boat Fishing Tournament celebrated its winners on Dec. 9. Top honors for first place in eight species categories included: Bob Hoff , 84.6, Black Drum; Frank Jones, 17.7, Bluefish; Terry Edison, 12.4, Fluke; Tony Guadagnino, 1.62, Kingfish; Dean Paolella, 8, Sea Bass; Eloy Otero, 57.13, Striper; Bob Pianetti, 12.31,Tautog; Suzanne Smith, 8.16, Weakfish. Seventy other prizes were awarded for second through 10th places.
Eloy Otero from Atlantic City caught his first place whopping 57.13 pound striper two weeks before the tournament ended from the bulkhead at Harrah’s. A special gift was bestowed upon eight- year-old Keegan Rothman for reeling in a 23.4 pound striped bass just five days before the tourney ended.
Captain Mike and Angler Mike were thrilled with the success of the tournament with over 8,000 anglers, 60 weigh stations and two new “mini” tournaments; The Wildwoods Beach N Boat Fishing Challenge and the DO-AC Beach N Boat Fishing Challenge. They say that this is just the beginning and look forward to an even more excitement in 2015. Stay tuned to
The Atlantic Star had two great offshore trips. Peace Token Tackle Shop ran a charter and had super fishing for sea bass and tile fish. All aboard caught their limits of bass and tile. Had Birchmeier, Cherry Hill, had the pool which included 18 golden tile. Later that week, all anglers aboard had their sea bass limits to 6.5 pounds, and several made catches of both blue line and golden tile and came in early. These trips continue by reservation only.
Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council is soliciting public comments on an Amendment to the Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Fishery Management Plan. The Cost Recovery Amendment proposes to: Collect fees and recover costs associated with the management of the Atlantic surfclam and ocean quahog individual transferrable quota fisheries; Facilitate incorporation of revised stock status determination criteria; Modify or eliminate the optimum yield ranges currently in the plan.
Comments may be submitted in writing or provided verbally at one of four public hearings. Additional information including the draft document, may be obtained from
Waterfront businesses, local organizations or government agencies can help themselves, and at the same time, also possibly help save a child’s life by joining the nation’s largest Kids’ Life Jacket Loaner Program offered by non-profit BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water. A local business or group can have positive interaction with the boating public when a jacket is needed for the day or weekend. Loaner site applications will only be accepted at until March 1, 2015. There is no cost.
The Fishing Line will start its annual winter hiatus next week and so I ‘d like to take tis opportunity to say thank you to the many readers and contributors who may writing The Fishing Line such a joy. Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and blessed new year. Remember the column and pictures are posted online at and on Facebook. Check out Miller’s children’s book “Counting the Fish in the Sea: The Story of the NEAMAP Trawls” on Makes a great Christmas gift.

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