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Sunday, May 19, 2024


County Drivers Sweep New Jersey Special Transportation Roadeo

Roadeo Drivers

By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – Cape May County Fare Free drivers competed in the New Jersey Council on Special Transportation (COST) annual state Roadeo held April 30, at Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.  The Cape May County Fare Free Team came home with First, Second and Third Place awards, in addition to winning the top prize in three other categories.
The Fare Free drivers who competed were winners of the County Roadeo held earlier in the month, headed to Jackson, New Jersey to compete at the state level and test their skill against 41 drivers from throughout New Jersey. 
The Fare Free Roadeo, hosted by NJ COST, is held each year and the best drivers in each category at the local level moves on to compete at the state level.  Those who win are then eligible to compete on the National Roadeo in Portland, Oregon.  The contest is designed to test the driver’s skills that include a written test, a pre-trip inspection, wheel chair securement and vehicle operation.  Winners are determined by the combined score in all four categories.
Freeholder E. Marie Hayes, who oversees the Department of Fare Free Transportation, reported that this is the tenth consecutive year the Cape May
County Fare Free Drivers have won at the State Level.  “It is an honor to announce that our drivers have placed in the top three spots in the state roadeo, we are so proud to be able to say they not only took all three top spots this year, but also finished at the top in three other categories”, Hayes said. 
“The Fare Free Department, under the direction of Daniel Mulraney, does an amazing job.  They log more than one million miles a year, providing various transportation needs for the residents of Cape May County.  The Roadeo is a way for them to test their driving skills, knowledge and responsibilities that are part of the job.  Our drivers are ambassadors of the county and serve the public with professionalism and kindness.  Competitions such as the Roadeo prove they are among the best in the State.  We could not be more proud of our drivers and support staff at Fare Free and on behalf of the entire Board of Chosen Freeholders, we congratulate them for their efforts”, Hayes added.
The winners are:
Brian Fitzpatrick – 1st Place
Diane Hufana – 2nd Place
Eugene Glembocki –  3rd Place
John Ianneillo –  First Time Participant Winner
Eugene Glembocki –  Rookie Driver Winner
Steve McKenna –  Supervisor Challenge Winner

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