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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


How Did Avalon Not Know About the Dune Destruction?

By Court House Resident

To the Editor:

Thanks for the article on the landscaping debacle in the high dunes in Avalon. I am astounded at the selfish disregard and disrespect of the property owners. They are in a part of our County that belongs to all residents of New Jersey, which is why it has been treated and cared for as such for many, many years.

I have some questions about the very perplexing circumstances of this travesty. First, how did this get past the Borough of Avalon? Second, why did the landscaper not stand up and say they would not decimate the 8,000+ square feet of dunes to plant non-native alternatives in that area, along with installing all of that irrigation, which itself will damage the underlying sand by keeping it continually soaked.

This was not done in a day or in the dark of night. There had to be many truckloads of dirt, rolls of sod, mulch, irrigation equipment, heavy machinery to remove years upon years of heavy growth, etc. brought to the property via Dune Drive. They may have parked their vehicles out front in view of Borough of Avalon officials.

Truckloads of vegetation that they removed had to be brought out and carried away. Heavy machinery had to be used to clear all of that growth. Where were the officials? Did they not see any of this activity? Were there any surprise inspections of the property along the way to ensure that all the approved plans were followed step by step?

In my opinion, something is not right here. If it took the DEP to view this mess with a drone, how did the borough, with its office right down the street, miss any, let alone all of this? They should have never let it happen in the first place. Somebody dropped the ball big time and I think the residents of our county need to know who.

Please follow up on this. I believe it is very important.

Court House Resident 

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