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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Gandy Files Petition for Third Term in Middle Township

Ike Gandy, pictured middle, is running for a third term in Middle Township.

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Supported by his family and campaign supporters, Middle Township Deputy Mayor Ike Gandy presented his petition as the 2024 GOP candidate for Middle Township Committee to Municipal Clerk/Administrator Kim Osmundsen on March 22nd.

Gandy is seeking a third term on the governing body. He was first elected in 2018 and reelected in 2021. Ike Gandy has served as Deputy Mayor since 2019. Gandy is joined by Mayor Chris Leusner and Committeeman Jim Norris on the all-Republican governing body.

“Our philosophy remains, Middle United,” Gandy stated. “I want to thank the many voters who pledged their support on my petition. I look forward to running on my record of proven leadership. I’m excited to, once again, knock on our neighbors’ doors and hear what’s important to the voters.

Gandy has oversight of several departments, including Zoning, Construction, Public Works, the Sewer Department and Buildings and Grounds. Gandy pledged to continue to do the work necessary to hold the line on taxes, promote responsible business development, and improve and modernize the Township infrastructure.

I’m proud of the good work we have accomplished in the past six years,” Gandy stated. “I look forward to earning the opportunity to continue to serve side by side with Mayor Leusner, Committeeman Norris, and our great leadership team in Town Hall, Public Works, and the Middle Township Police Department.”

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7 Seagrove Ave., Cape May Court House, NJ

Dan Lockwood – Treasurer

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