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Holiday Traditions Reimagined

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By Emily Repici

The 2020 holiday season is already vastly different than seasons past. The novel  COVID-19 has transformed daily life in many ways, including impacting the Holiday traditions we all hold so dear. Many events have been reimagined as virtual celebrations because of social distancing protocols. We want to help you share in holiday traditions in the safest way possible in 2020. The following tips can help holiday hosts make the most of a virtual holiday experience or think outside of the box for some new socially distant traditions to implement.
1. Make a new dessert recipe
With many in our community still working from home, the opportunity to slow down and prioritize trying a new recipe is ample! Spice it up by organizing a virtual baking day where you and your circle all bake together via Zoom. Prop that screen up on some cookbooks, get the Christmas music flowing and spend some much needed time in the kitchen!
2. Give back this Holiday Season
There are few things that feel quite as good during the holidays as helping those in need. Here in Cape May County, there are several resources that can help make a difference in other’s lives. Head to for information on how you can donate gifts to families in need or donate to a local food bank.
3. Homemade Cards
The nature of this year has given many the opportunity to slow down and pick-up new hobbies. Some of that may include crafting or finding an artistic way to communicate. With the emotional challenges and change this year has brought for many, we know everyone could use an encouraging word or two. A new tradition could be setting aside the time to craft an encouraging message to family or friends through a homemade or simply handwritten card. Go the extra mile in the community and thank healthcare heroes or law enforcement for their continued service during this changing year. Handmade cards are something that’ll bring a little bit of extra joy to anyone who receives one.
4. Go on a drive to look at decorations in your neighborhood
While this may be a tradition already for some it is a safe option for others to begin. Pack everyone in the car after dinner with some hot cocoa or cider and take a drive around town. Add some extra festivities here by creating the perfect holiday playlist or voting for your favorite house at the end of the night. This tradition is fun for the whole family and encourages everyone to get out in the community and appreciate each neighbor’s thoughtful decorations!
5. Host a Virtual Holiday Book Club
While Christmas movies tend to steal the show this time of year, we cannot let holiday books go unspoken. Grab your closest friends and read a book at the same time. Then host a video call to discuss your favorite parts over some eggnog on a December night.

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