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Monday, May 20, 2024


Completion of Route 55 is Long Overdue

By Daniel Stango, Town Bank and Newtown Square, Pa.

To the Editor:

The existing Route 55 is a modern two-lane highway in each direction that was built in 1969.

It abruptly ends by dumping the flow of traffic onto Route 47 that is a one-lane road in each direction. This road goes through several towns and causes bottlenecks to traffic and the citizens of these towns can’t leave their properties to do errands because of the backup of standing traffic. Route 47 eventually splits off to Route 347 (which is an 8-mile bypass) which is also a one-lane road in each direction. These roads have seen many accidents with injuries and deaths over the years. As you travel you observe religious crosses that mark the spot that the accidents and deaths have occurred. This road ends and dumps traffic back on Route 47 that has the same issues as Route 347.

There are substantial traffic problems that would be eliminated by extending Route 55 south for 15 +/- miles to the town of Wildwood. This would substantially help the traffic flow. It would bring different businesses to Cape May County and would create needed jobs to the area. It would also create a better evacuation route north which would not flood like Routes 47/347. These roads travel through areas of large lakes that at times flood. With “climate change” there would be higher water levels in these lakes and on the roads.

I sent a letter to Gov. Phil Murphy about the above problems by not extending Route 55 south back in 2019. I received a letter back from the chief of staff of the Department Of Transportation on July 30, 2019, which states that Route 55 would not be extended south. It said improvements would be made to Routes 47/347 and to 49/50 to help with traffic flow. To date nothing has been done to improve the traffic flow. The mentioned improvements are just a Band-Aid and the only true solution is to extend Route 55 south to the town of Wildwood.

Your help is greatly needed to push in extending Route 55 south. Please write to: Secretary Pete Buttigieg, U.S. Department Of Transportation; Murphy, governor of New Jersey; and Sheila Oliver, lieutenant governor of New Jersey.


Town Bank and Newtown Square, Pa.

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