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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Woodbine Eighth Graders Get Tour; Experience Board Appearances

Wood Students

By Press Release

WOODBINE – Woodbine’s annual “Student Government Day” was held on May 23 at the Woodbine Municipal Complex, continuing the interactive approach for a third year.
Members of the eighth-grade class from Woodbine Elementary School, accompanied by teachers Steven Schleckser and Stacey Egan, spent the morning at Borough Hall in an interactive session on the process of locating a business within the borough, which included a tour of the municipal offices.
Each group of students proposed a business and researched costs and location.
Municipal Clerk and Collector Lisa Garrison gave the students an overview of the functioning of municipal offices, which was followed by a tour of the municipal building with an explanation of the workings and duties of each office.
Planning and Zoning Secretary Monsy Gallardo-Rodriguez roleplayed being the Planning and Zoning Board, as each group of students presented their proposed “projects” for businesses in the borough.
She reviewed issues relevant to each project such as  zoning, water usage, financial, licensing,
Following the presentations, Mayor William Pikolycky spoke to and answered questions from students before giving each a certificate of participation in the day’s activities.
Projects and group members:
AYCE Buffet (all-you-can-eat buffet):  Selena McGuire, Nadia Price, Xe’Shon Toney, ShaNajah Williams
The Woodbine Wash (Laundromat): Reysa Estes, Solimar Galindez
The Shade Guys (private investigators): JP Gray
Almighty Cuts (barber shop): Jeremiah Camacho, Jonathaen Torres, Chris Rodriguez
Coffee Shop (tentatively renamed “Justin’s Java Joint”): Justin Gorman (teammate Eddy Rodriguez was absent.)
In the Mix (a year-round full menu café): Tatyana Lear, Nevaeh Whateley, Kailey Trout, Zaliyah Zigler
“These students all proposed businesses that could indeed fit within our community structure and were very receptive to the explanations given of what would be needed to actually establish their suggested enterprises,” stated Pikolycky in a release. “As always, I invite any of our home or private-schooled eighth graders to contact my office for a tour of their own.”

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