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Saturday, May 18, 2024


Wildwood Crest Hosts Fifth Annual Sand Sculpting Festival

Brendan Schaffer

By Press Release

WILDWOOD CREST – The fifth annual Wildwood Crest Sand Sculpting Festival was held July 8, on the beach at Heather Road. A total of 43 teams participated in the free event, which also included live music, a magic show and beach games. Hundreds more attended the event as spectators.
The event’s amateur sand sculpting competition was hosted by Can You Dig It Sand Tools and internationally known sand sculptor Matt Long. Long is a regular competitor at professional sand sculpting contests, including the World Championships of Sand Sculpting, and is an original cast member of “Sand Masters,” a former Travel Channel television show.
The top three place winners in a variety of categories based on age and experience were each awarded prizes.
For more information about the Wildwood Crest Sand Sculpting Festival, call (609) 523-0202.

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