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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Villas Resident Pat Munson-Siter Receives DUVCW Women’s Veteran Medal

Pat Munson-Siter and Debbie Schiesser.

By Press Release

VILLAS — On Feb. 24, 2018 DUVCW’s Mary Morris Husband, Tent #58 President Debbie Schiesser presented Sister Pat Munson-Siter with the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Women’s Veteran Medal in recognition of her service in the USAF.
Pat comes from a family rich in military history. Ancestors have fought in almost every war on the American content including: King Phillip’s War, Revolutionary War, Civil War, French & Indian War, and the War of 1812. She has three Grandparents who served in WWI including a Grandmother who was an Army Nurse and served on the front lines in France during the war. During WWII, Pat’s Father enlisted in the Navy then spent 28 years as an officer in the USAF. Her mother was an Army Cadet Nurse.
Pat attended the University of Florida where she enrolled in AFROTC. She was commissioned at the time she graduated. Her father gave her the oath of office and her mother pinned her bars on her shoulders. She spent the next 13 years on active duty at various bases in the US and Germany. During the course of her duties, Pat earned expert marksman ribbons for both Smith and Wesson .38 combat special revolver and M-16 rifle.
The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861 – 1865 was incorporated Dec. 12, 1885 and federally chartered Dec. 9, 1985. Local groups are called Tents and are either named for Army Nurses who served in the Civil War or any loyal woman of the Civil War era whose patriotic deeds during the years 1861 – 1865 were recorded. The mission is ‘To spread widely the teachings of patriotism, that those who dwell in this broad land of ours will so live that, in peace or in war, there shall be no stain on “The Flag Our Fathers Saved.” Our object is to: To perpetuate the memory, deeds and loyalty of those ancestors who sacrificed so much in the struggle to preserve the Union and establish freedom for everyone.’

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