Wednesday, February 28, 2024


South Jersey Kennel Club Show to be Held Oct. 16-18

By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – Mark your calendar for three all- breed dog shows coming up Oct. 16 through 18, as the Gloucester County Kennel Club and South Jersey Kennel Club hold their annual shows at the Buena Vista RV Resort on Routes 40 and 54 in Buena, N.J.
The South Jersey Kennel Club show, celebrating its 64th Anniversary, features as many as 160 different breeds from across the country and an expert panel of judges.
In addition to watching the dogs in the show, attendees can enjoy food, shopping, and other activities.
It is rare to find a free event these days so bring the whole family.
There are specialty shows for Irish setters and bulldogs as well as supported entries for golden retrievers and collies which means there will be more than an average number present at the show.
More than a conformation event, a popular aspect of the competition is the obedience trial, which tests such well-known skills as “sit, “stay” and recalls.
Show hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. so come early and stay awhile.  Bring warm clothing since the event is held outside.
Also offered at this show will be the owner-handled competition and the 4-6 month beginner puppy so come watch the little puppies learn how to be show dogs in the regular show when they reach 6 months old. This may amuse or astound you.
If you are looking for a particular breed and want to learn more about it, here’s your chance to meet pure bred dogs up close and personal. It is also an opportunity to meet the breeders and owners.
This is an American Kennel Club sponsored event with a representative of the American Kennel Club on hand.
South Jersey Kennel Club supports the community by donating part of the proceeds of the show to shelters, dog training for disabled people and other worthy causes.
The show will be held rain or shine. If it looks like rain, bring your rain gear. Hope for sunshine.

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