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Send us your poor, your tired, your huddled…photos!


By On Deck Staff

Just about everybody nowadays seems to have a camera with them.
On Deck is encouraging you to use those cameras, and send the pictures to us. We love to see who is out and about, who is in town, and what they’re up to.
If you’re having a drink on the deck of your favorite Saturday afternoon watering hole in Avalon—snap a shot and send it to us.
If you’re burying dad up to his neck in sand on the beach in Wildwood—snap a shot and send it to us.
If you’re having an evening stroll on the promenade in Sea Isle—snap a shot and send it to us.
If you’re shopping for a new bathing suit on 96th St. in Stone Harbor—snap a shot and send it to us.
If you’re wandering down a birding trail looking for the stately bald eagle—snap a shot, and as you send it to the New Jersey Audubon Society, send it to us also.
What we’re trying to say is, send us your pictures! We’ll show them to the world (or at least that part of it that reads On Deck, which is quite substantial).
We will publish the best of the crop in On Deck, and will continuously do so throughout the summer.
Want the inside track on making sure your photos catch our eye? Here’s a superior tip: Make it a candid shot; they’re more interesting because they’re more realistic. Posed photos tend to be boring.
So instead of telling your subjects to smile and look at the camera, just snap away. You’ll be pleased with the result more often than not.
E-mail your snapshots to And the higher resolution, the better. Some photos that have been sent to us have even qualified to be used as cover shots.
Think you’re that good? What have you got to lose? You’re going to take snapshots anyway, so send the best, or the funniest, or the most embarrassing—to us.
Here’s just a few that have been sent to us in past years.

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