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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Wildwood High School Announces Third Honor Roll

By Press Release

WILDWOOD — Wildwood High School announced its third period honor roll. Students achieving honors were:
First Honor Roll: Danielle Aydelotte (9), Courtney Davis (9), Anthony Madle(9), Michael De Mayo(10)
Kirby Thornton(11), Danielle Ferrante(12), Lauren Irwin (12), Loretta Kelly (12), Juliet King (12), Mary Pat Parson (12), Ashley Quinlan (12), Tara Tolomeo (12)
Second Honor Roll, Grade 12: Amanda Barrett, Zoe Barrett, David Bradshaw, Briana Brown, Anthony Bruno, Denise Castro, Andres Cruz Soto, Brittney Dewey, Christina Feather, Yahilyn Feliciano, Lia Ferrante, Marissa Ferrante, Paige Gorski, Taylor Kane, Theresa Locantore, Jonathan Long, John Matteo, Kaitlyn Mc Wade, Daniel Mujica Perez, Nicholas Palmer, Alexandra Perez, Alexis Perez, Shaniqua Roper, Rachael Sandora, Joseph Stefankiewicz, Bernardo Tapia Huerta, Emily Tillotson, Amanda Valentine, and Kacy Wilber.
Second Honor Roll ,Grade 11: Helmer Acevedo, Theresa Broughton, Karoll Candelaria, Curtis Gift, Zachary Madle, Aaron Markley, Mary Mc Causland, and Zorymar Vega Medina,
Second Honor Roll, Grade 10: Kyle Brown, Tyler De Groff, Francis Di Falco, Kshawn Ford Ashton, Brieann Gorski, Felisha Lindsay, Gina Long, Ana Nguyen, Patrick Palmer, Robert Smith Jr., Dayanara Taulet, and Deonte Ware.
Second Honor Roll, Grade 9: Layla Abu Arqoub, Luis De Jesus, Walter Harrison, Yamil Jimenez Centeno, Michael Lalla, Sinai Pelaez, Katrina Peterson, Amanda Smith, Brittany Smith, Deslyn Swan, Brittany Taffe, Kelsi Toland, and Danielle Trent.

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