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School Days 3.4.15


By Herald Staff

Cape Christian Academy
Cape Christian Academy 9th graders and members of Boy Scout Troop 76, Jimmy Papperman and Ben Bauer, along with school nurse Debi Papperman and eight other members of the local community recently returned from a seven-day mission trip to Haiti. Working through “Feed My Sheep”, an international mission organization, they worked and lived among the children they served. Because of active countrywide demonstrations in response to inflated fuel prices, the team experienced a few travel delays due to roadblocks and detours that compromised the main roads.
Once they arrived, they began work on their planned project, an addition to an orphanage in Montrois. This much-needed space was to serve as a bathroom with indoor plumbing. With the help of a local mason, using monies the boys raised from home, they purchased the necessary supplies and assisted him in every phase of the construction, including applying mortar and carpentry work. While they expected the work to consume much of their time, with 15-20 men working 8-hour days, they accomplished it in three days. Because schools were closed due to the demonstrations, several of the older orphan boys were able to help as well. Another mission team, coming the following week, planned to install the plumbing. This addition fulfilled Papperman’s Eagle project.
The remaining trip time was spent organizing de-worming and scabies services for the local orphanage children, as well as the livestock, which provide occasional meat to their limited diet, many only receiving one meal a day, of mostly rice and beans. The children suffer from protein deficiency in addition to other preventable illnesses like Ricketts. To address this need the team brought vitamins and foods like peanut butter and additional supplies of rice and beans. On their last day, they took 20 children to experience a day of fun at a local resort where they swam, kayaked, played soccer, basketball, volleyball and did arts and crafts. The team left behind balls for the kids, clothing, personal supplies and an assortment of Girl Scout cookies, complements of CCA student, Tandi Ankrum.
As anticipated, Jimmy and Ben acquired an important perspective from this mission, an appreciation for all that they have and the difference they can make to a world in need.Margaret Mace School
Mrs. Clarke’s and Mrs. Golden’s Kindergarten classes at MMS are continuously learning about their community resources and went on a field trip to the Wildwood Crest Public Library. Ms. Jen gave the students a tour of the library, read the students stories, and even put on a puppet show.
With their completed application, the children were able to go home with their very own library card. The kindergarten class would like to thank everyone at the library, including Ms Elise, Mrs. Clarke’s mom.
Wildwood Catholic High School
International students attending Wildwood Catholic High School, their host families and guests celebrated Chinese New Year on February 18th with an authentic dinner at Cape Orient Restaurant in Cape May. Gphomestay international students and their host families presented on some of the traditions surrounding Chinese New Year. The event was a unique opportunity for people to learn and experience a different culture.
Wildwood Catholic High School has partnered with Gphomestay, an educational service company that provides quality homestays for international students who attend American high schools. Gphomestay currently has ten international students attending Wildwood Catholic High School in North Wildwood and are planning to expand the program this fall. Gphomestay is searching for additional host families in Cape May County to open their home to an international student, a great opportunity for local families to learn more about a different culture and share American culture with international students.
Host families receive ongoing support from a local Residential Coordinator, and receive a monthly stipend to cover costs that arise with having an extra person in the home. Hosting opportunities range from short term (a few days) to an academic school year and beyond.
For more information, visit, or apply online at Or contact Dianne Corkery at (609) 602-5731 or

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