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School Days 1.28.15


By Herald Staff

Cape Christian Academy
Cape Christian Academy 9th grader and local Boy Scout, Jimmy Papperman, along with fellow student and scout, Ben Bauer has been working steadily for the good part of a year in organizing a mission trip to Haiti. In response to the abject poverty he witnessed, on his first mission trip to Haiti two years ago, Jimmy has been mobilizing support to return.
Originally, he contacted the mission organization, Feed My Sheep, about an Eagle Scout project proposal to repair the crumbling steps of an old church left in disarray after the 2010 earthquake. While this cause was noble, mission representatives suggested an even more pressing cause, the expansion of an orphanage. With the influx of orphans needing new homes surpassing the present capacity, a second story was desperately needed. Papperman agreed and organized helpers for this endeavor.
Other members of this mission team include Jimmy’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. Papperman, a local physician and RN, as well as six other individuals from the community. In addition to fulfilling their plan to rebuild and expand the orphanage, they will be worming livestock and dispersing rice among the local people. Their trip is scheduled for February 8 through the 16. The boys have held multiple yard sales, sold poinsettias at Christmas, and spoken to various churches and organizations to gain support. They have raised nearly $7,000 thus far towards the building supplies and rice they will purchase once in Haiti, as well as the de-worming medicine and vitamins they will be bringing.
Ben’s initial reaction to the prospect of such as trip was typical, “cool” and an “adventure for the record books”, but has since had a change of heart. Now he says he is more geared toward the impact he can potentially make in helping others. “I hope to walk away from this experience with more respect for what I have, no longer taking it for granted, and being more thankful.”
For more information about this mission trip and how you might be able to support it, please contact the school at 465-4132
Margaret Mace
Mrs. Clarke’s and Mrs. Golden’s Kindergarten classes went on a field trip to their local supermarket, Superfresh recently. Ms. Karen, Ms. Kim and other Superfresh staffmembers gave the students a very detailed and informational tour of the supermarket. The children were able to view each department and learn very interesting facs. They were even able to scan items at the checkout, touch a lobster in the Seafood Department and decorate (and eat) a cupcake in the Bakery Department.

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