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Friday, April 12, 2024


Plumbing Apprentices Complete 4-Year Program at Technical School


By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – A celebration luncheon was held to honor fourteen Plumbing Apprentices who completed a four year related classroom training program at the Cape May County Technical School in April 2016. The luncheon was held in the district’s American Bounty Café and the food preparation and service was provided by the Culinary Arts students under the direction of their teacher, Chef Dave Masterson and assistant, Stephanie Capone.
Registered Plumbing apprentices must be sponsored by an employer to complete 8,000 hours (4 years full-time) of on-the-job training. Apprenticeship completion certificates are issued by the USDOL, Bureau of Apprenticeship Training and are recognized nationally. Eligibility for the Master Plumbing Licensure examination requires completion of a registered apprenticeship and one additional year of employment to earn journeyman status.   
The instructor for the Plumbing Apprenticeship program, Richard Kajander, was also recognized at the luncheon for his dedication to the future of the industry and his service to the apprenticeship programs at CMCT. Mr. Kajander has taught three groups of Plumbing Apprentices at the Cape May County Technical School, for a total of 12 years of service. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented by Robert L. Boyd, President of the CMCTS Board of Education and Dr. Nancy Hudanich, Superintendent of Schools.
Plumbing Apprentice Related Training Certificates of Completion were issued to: (pictured) Stanley Swan III, Chance Grey, Ryan Cooke, Steve Dabundo, Ethan Brown, Turlough Cormican, Robert Gabriel Jr., Roy Sundstrom, Michael Hunter, Charles Mathis, (not shown) Michael Bojaciuk, Edward Calvert Jr., Joseph Fralinger, and Matthew Harris. Instructor Mr. Kajander is pictured 4th from the right.
Please call 609-380-0240 if you have questions about apprenticeship opportunities.

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