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Saturday, May 18, 2024


Middle Township High School Announces Science Fair Results

By Herald Staff

Middle Township Science Fair Results
Joe Steady Award (Best Physical Science) Dave Hand
Vecere Award (Best Life Science) William Schroer
Behavioral and Physical Sciences
1st Lara Colombo, Brenden Bridgeman
2nd Ryan Hildebrandt, Kathleen Mallett
3rd Allison Kelly
Honorable Mention, Morgan Tozer, Ashley Ryan
1st James Loftus,
Honorable Mention, Angelica Saclayan, Kelly Edmunds, Taylor Hallman
2nd Adam Dotts
1st Kent Miller, Andrew Moran, Jacob Granigan
2ndJohn Longstreet, Darlene Errickson, Joe Deritis
3rdCadance Dingler, Sam Turnbull
Honorable Mention, John Edwards, Alex Hicks
Earth Space Science
1st Conor McNicholas
1st Tony Zheng, Zuleika Delgado, Ronald Ernst
2nd Gianna Pelletier, Honorable Mention, McKayla Koob, Katie Cacchiolo
2nd Casy Erdman
Honorable Mention, Andrew Symuleski, Drew Grady
Medicine & Health
1st Ashley Pearson, Thomas Buchanan
2nd Jennifer Hicks, Drew Miller
3rd Tess Bright,Sarah Russ
Honorable Mention, Nicole Hand, Kevin Wheaton, Donald Rhinesmith
1st Alix Thomas
2nd Victoria Deever
3rd Haley Bramble
Honorable Mention, Andrea Standish, Kelsey Hand
1st Kaylyn Goranson, David Hand
2nd Mark Rinkus, Lauren Barth
3rd Carl McKaig, Dakota Graver
Honorable Mention, Sam Dion, Frankie Barone, Joel Novick
1st William Shroer
2nd Devyn Lord
3rd Kelsey Champion
3rd Lauren Elliot/Allie Hartman

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