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Monday, July 15, 2024


Dennis Middle School Names Honor Students

By Herald Staff

DENNISVILLE – The Dennis Township Middle School announced the honor roll for the second marking period. Students achieving honors were:
Distinguished honors, grade six: Blake Brown, Bailey Carney, Tyler Chretien, Kaylee Clay-burn, Robert Cline, Katherine Ferrante, Julianna Garcia, Shelby Haryslak, Honna Hippen, Riley Hofmann, Dillon Keller, Kevin Keyes, Samuel Lagana, Patrick Lynch, Julianna McAnulty, Shannon McLaughlin, Devon Nagle, John Payne, Corey Smith, Nicholas Stella, Daniel Williams.
Grade 7: Gabrielle Crippen, Emily Farschon, Reef Gentilini, Morgon Goranson, Ryan Herlihy, Summer Herlihy, Stephanie Miller, Jacob VanOsten, Joshua Willis, Victoria Wolford, Jennifer Woolley.
Grade 8: Brielle Barbagello, Brooke Chretien, Joseph Duma, Kathryn Fagan, Jessica McAnuly, Justin Mc-Anulty, Morgan Pattison, Zachery Peterson, Haley Reef.
Honor roll. Grade 6: Stephen Armstrong, Taylor Brooks, Reid Cowan, Patrick Daniels, Michael DeLuca, Amber DeRosa, Jake Dolack, Robert Edmunds, Marissa Evans, Jesse Heck, Christopher Hope, Allison Knoll, Emma Knoll, Lacie Kohlhaas, Rella Kulick, Danielle Ludlam, Madelyn Lynch, John Mazurie, Rachel Miner, Jenna Monaghan, Christopher Orsini, Noah Platt, Brianna Reef, Hunter Tomlin, Nathaniel Tripet, Lei-Lani Wilson.
Grade 7: Lauren Anderson, Lily Blum, Alyssa Brittingham, Simon Carson Dori Davidson, Hanna Dietrich, Molly Faulkner, Chelsea Fossett, Marin Galia, Jacob Gibson, Kandice Givens, John Gregory, Cody Hanek, Sarah Hoff, Donovan Howard, Rene, Jones, Tyler Kohlhaas, Kristi Maund, Victoria Mauro, Shayla Mitchell, John Mooers, Chelsea Morrisey, Alyssa Paluch, Anastasia Rebyak, Kevin Rescigno Kyle Riggins, Brandie Steelman, Samantha Suhonen, Eve Ulbrich, James Versage, Angelica Yeager.
Grade 8: Destiny Argoe, Taylor Brown, Jeanette Champion, David Cline, Dean Dunlevy, Mikayla Elliott, Joseph Fowler, Mark Gabriel, Joseph Giambri, Kristina Givens, Cory Hofmann, Sydne Hunter, Jeffrey Keyes, Holly McKaig, Alexis Olson, Kayla Olson, Brianna Pizzutilla, Victoria Raffaele, Julianna Riggi-tano, Joshua Robinson, Brittney Scheuerman, Zachary Seither, Keith Stankiewicz.

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