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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Crest Memorial Students Rewarded for Writing Excellence


By On Deck Staff

The Principal’s Corner was originated by Crest Memorial Principal, Ann-Maria Guevara, an educator who strives to improve student writing skills through encouragement and example.
Not only is the work of young writers exhibited in the main entrance to the school, but they were treated to a pizza lunch with Guevara. During the lunch, students discussed their essays with the principal.
Those achieving Principal’s Corner received a certificate commending them for their writing excellence.
The students named to Crest Memorial’s Principal’s Corner for September/October are as follows:
3rd Grade: AnnaMae Peterson, Sophie Navarro
4TH Grade: Michael Chiolo, Bobby Belansen, Sarah Stuart, Dennis McAllister
5th Grade: Stanley Ziemba, Madison Compare, James Bradley, Madison Hunt, Brianna Davids, Bradari Altman, Kaitlin McCullen, Edward Masterson
6th Grade: Eric Sorensen, Jaclyn Gehring, Lily Enos, James Grauel, Lily Nguyen, Jackson Rogers, Maddie Peterson, Olivia Nicely
7th: Claudia Melchiorre, Trevor Gentek, Alissamarie D’Amico, Grace Rogers, Hayden Garrabrant, Yasmeen Abuarquob, Meg Ziemba, Holly Golato, Rocco DiSilvestro
8th Grade: Abby Haury, Joe Farmer, Rita Marino, Jennie Kole, John Murray, Gina Martino, Carley Nichols
The topics and styles for student writing showcased on the Principal’s Corner bulletin board are varied, ranging from book reports and essays to poetry throughout the year.
The student compositions will remain on the Principal’s Corner bulletin board for the next eight weeks.

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