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Sunday, May 26, 2024


Saluting Our Veterans, Soldiers of Faith

Rev. Deb Moore

By Deb Moore

Faith does not make life easy, but it does make it possible. 
In the Word of God, Mark 5:36, Jesus said: “Do not be afraid, just believe.” Christ had a way of letting us know that even in the worst situations, we can overcome fear with faith.
Faith is significant to soldiers and veterans. Celebratory events will happen around Veterans Day, but I am thankful for year-round celebrations, such as in North Wildwood where veterans are honored with a weekly flag-raising ceremony called “Sunrise on Sunday,” and an Independence Day weekend event called “Flags of Liberty.”
The presence of veterans, and stories from families, about their departed veteran loved ones, is significant and humbling. Our soldiers throughout our nation’s history have shown their military service is not about convenience. It’s about a duty to God and our country.  
Some of my friends in the music recording business preform personal music-grams. An enlisted soldier, an Army officer who hadn’t seen his wife and three children in 11 months, finally received leave and wanted to surprise his family. The officer asked that my friends deliver a music-gram to his wife while she was at work.
During the song, the officer made a surprise entrance, followed by unexpected visits to each of his children’s schools and day-cares. Each reunion was caught on video and was joyful, amazing, and tearful.
The last surprise reunion, to his 3-year-old’s daycare, was the most heart wrenching, as the his son did not appear to recognize or remember his dad. The officer was tender with his son, and finally, the sweet boy hugged his dad, and wouldn’t let go.
The officer released the video, hoping others would appreciate those who serve, as well as our country they defend.  
As officiant of Sunrise on Sunday, I hear folks tell jokes about the inconvenient time of our services on the beach, seasonally at the Lou Booth Amphitheater. Coming to the flag pole by the ocean at dawn no doubt sacrifices a few hours of sleep, but if you would come to one ceremony, you will return.
The flag services have been attended by families from across the country, and as far away as the Netherlands, showing respect and appreciation for our veterans among us, as well as those we give a voice to beyond every Sunrise on Sunday.
At the inconvenient time of 5 a.m., on the 11th hour, day, and month of 1918, the Armistice was signed in a railroad car outside of Compiégne, France, ending WWI. Now known as Veterans Day, it is a day set aside to honor all veterans who have served in the military of the United States.
Being a soldier can be tiresome, awkward, and difficult – boot camp, discipline, battles, night watch, march, and muster. Then, there is sadly battle fatigue, sustained injuries, seeing friends lost, all while being absent from the closeness of family and friends back home.
We want to say thanks to the veterans who made sacrifices while preserving our freedoms in this country.  We especially pray for all veterans and their families that are enduring hardships.
If you need assistance, someone to stand beside you, pray with you, or talk to, please reach out to us. 
We love and appreciate you. God bless you, God bless our veterans and God bless America.
ED. NOTE: Rev. Deb Moore is the founder of Deb Moore Ministries, an author, and can be heard on 98.5 Lift-FM.

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