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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Rutgers Cooperative Extension Family and Community Health Sciences’ Programs Help Educate Aging Population

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By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – Cape May County Family and Community Health Sciences (FCHS) Health Educator/Assistant Professor Chris Zellers announced that Rutgers Cooperative Extension FCHS is providing educational information for seniors in Cape May County and throughout the state with a new webinar series.
According to a release, the FCHS Healthy Aging Series is offered virtually every Tuesday in October, at 10 a.m.
The series focuses on a variety of topics related to living a healthy life as you grow older.
Zellers said, “From maintaining a safe home environment to prevent falls to preparing meals that will support a healthy mind and body, this series provides evidence-based insight into adopting positive lifestyle changes so that you may live your best life.”
On Oct. 13, the webinar “Cooking for One or Two: Keep it Healthy and Easy” will provide ideas for preparing easy, healthful meals and snacks, cooking once for two different meals, using tools to make small batch cooking easy and making mealtime special. To register, go to
On Oct. 20, Benefits of Safe Exercise for Older Adults, with Cape May County’s Chris Zellers, will focus on the benefits of exercise and provide ideas for safely adding exercise into your day. Register at
On Oct. 27, The MIND Diet for the Brain combines principles from two well-known diets: the Mediterranean Diet and the DASH Diet. Participants will learn the foods from each diet that may reduce cognitive decline. Register at
All sessions are presented by FCHS experts, are free, last approximately 45 minutes, and are provided via Webex. To join on the day of the program, pre-registration is required. Also, programs will be recorded and made available via our website.
Follow them on Facebook, at, for the latest program details. Also, for up to date information on the Cape May County Family and Community Health Sciences Program, visit

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