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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Renovated, ‘Beautiful’ Cape May Library Opens


By Jack Fichter

CAPE MAY – The city’s library has opened following extensive renovations sporting a blue roof and all new furnishings.
County Freeholder Ralph Bakley and County Library Director Deborah Poulin visited Cape May City Council Tuesday March 2. Bakley said the library renovations were 90 percent complete.
Remaining work is centered on the exterior of the building which will include painting and landscaping as weather permits. Bakley described the renovated building as “beautiful.”
He thanked county employees for their fine work.
Mayor Edward J. Mahaney Jr. said the library had a “soft opening,” on March 1. The library is fully functional, he said.
“It truly represents a modern library with still the quaintness and uniqueness of small town Cape May,” said the mayor.
Mahaney said the county paid about 80 percent of renovation costs of the city-owned building. The city library’s arrangement with the county has been on a 50/50 basis for repairs. The library has a new heating and air conditioning system.
City Manager Bruce MacLeod said the interior was completely rebuilt and some windows that had been covered up are now open again to the sun. He said the restrooms are handicapped accessible.
Lighting fixtures were replaced in the building, computers upgraded to 10 stations, new furniture installed and the interior repainted, said MacLeod.
Mahaney called the craftsmanship of the renovations, “first class.”
Council members agreed the building was “beautiful.”
A grand opening of the library will be held in April with the date to be announced at a future date,

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