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Pastor to Bless Triathlon June 4

Pastor Leo Dodd enjoyed the sense of anticipation at last year's Escape the Cape Triathlon before blessing the participants. He'll be giving the blessing again this year.

By Karen Knight

COLD SPRING  – The congregation of the Assembly of God Church, 1068 Seashore Road, turned a potential problem into a blessing last year when they learned services would be impacted by the Escape the Cape Triathlon. 
According to Pastor Leo Dodd, the bikers’ route caused Seashore Road to be blocked to traffic, meaning congregants wouldn’t be able to get to church for their regular 10:30 a.m. Sunday worship.
“We discussed what to do,” the pastor recalled. “This is such a great and positive event that we didn’t want to complain about it. So we decided to get involved.”
Last year, 40 members volunteered for the event and “at the last minute, one of the congregants thought about asking if I could provide the blessing,” Dodd said.
“DelMoSports was very accommodating, even at the last minute, and fit me in.” DelMoSports, of Wildwood, is a boutique racing company that produces the event.
Dodd said he believes he was the first pastor to bless the participants last year and is excited to be doing it again this year.
“I got on the ferry after everyone was already on and you could feel the excitement in the air,” Dodd noted, “You could sense all the positive energy. I prayed for everyone’s safety and asked God to ensure everyone did the best they could. Then I got off the ferry, and it took off.”
This year’s triathlon is scheduled for June 4, when 1,750 athletes will participate in jumping off the ferry then swimming, biking and running events. Dodd said at least one person from his congregation is participating, and others will volunteer their help.
“The route changed a bit, and this year the bikers will be going past the church,” he noted. “Some of the congregation will have banners, balloons and a table set up to cheer on the participants.”
Although Dodd said he does bike a bit, he’s been challenged by another congregant to participate in the event next year.
“I’ve got some time to get into shape,” he said. “This year I’ll be encouraging everyone as they go by our church.”
Church services will be at 11 a.m. for that day only. “We’ll move the service for that one day,” he said, “and it will be a great day. We’ll have participated in this great, positive community event and then have our worship service.” 
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