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Cape Christian Academy Stays Committed to the People of Haiti

By From Cape Christian Academy

The country of Haiti continues to struggle because of political instability and natural disasters. Corruption and violence have earned worldwide news coverage. Kidnappings are a common way for gangs to earn income, which subsidizes further illegal activity.  In Haiti, 70% of its people live in poverty.  The average income in Haiti is less than $3.00 per day.  

Cape Christian Academy is no stranger to Haiti and the Haitian people. They have sent several mission teams to Haiti between 2012 and 2018.  ”We met many people in Montrouis, Haiti, and we adopted an orphanage there.” said John Springs, Administrator at Cape Christian Academy.

Because of political unrest that exists in Haiti, their last trip in 2019 and all future trips have been postponed indefinitely. Because of this, Spriggs knew he needed to get creative if he wanted to keep the school’s connection with Haiti.

Cape Christian Academy has teamed up with VineWorks which is an equal pay employer in Haiti. VineWorks sells magnificent artwork made by the Haitian people. All items are up-cycled into wall hangings, Christmas tree ornaments, and jewelry.

“All money goes back to Haiti in three ways. It helps the family of the Haitian artist that is paid a fair wage, it helps the ministry that sells the artwork in the US to fund projects in Haiti,” Spriggs continues, “and all of the profit that Cape Christian Academy makes goes right back to people in Haiti that we know to fulfill critical needs. The metal art is made in Haiti from recycled steel oil drums that are crafted into beautiful artwork.”

All of the artwork is sold online through the Cape Christian Academy Facebook page and at many community events held throughout Cape May County. Be on the lookout if you want to play a part in helping Haiti and the people that live there.

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