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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Results of Stone Harbor Baby Parade Announced


By Herald Staff

STONE HARBOR – The following are the winners of the Stone Harbor Baby Parade:
Best Walking- 1st Place – Flip Flops- Emily, Marisa, Matthew and Hannah Retchyk; 2nd Place- Heaven Welcomes – Cate, Rob, Karl and David Giulian; 3rd Place- Southern Belle-Isabella Phillips;
Best Riding-1st Place – Jersey Fresh- Chole Corey; 2nd Place- Mermaid- Parker and Phoebe Lengle; 3rd Place – Please Don’t Eat the Daisies- Logan Hiles;
Best Float – 1st Place – Christmas in July- The Whalen Family; 2nd Place – Title Town, Dominic Defiance; 3rd Place – Support Our Troops- Tyler Carr;
Cutest Boy – Gage Ormond;
Cutest Girl- Gianni Luminance;
Judge’s Award- Popeye- Scarlet and Mason Hemlock;
Mayor’s Award – Stone Harbor Luau- The Cowley Family;
Al Canard Memorial Award – Annie The Musical- Daniela Place.

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