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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Dennis Firefighters Donate Equipment, Truck to Tennessee Company

Members of Wolf Creek Fire District accept the Ford F-350 from Station 18 Members in Tennessee.

By Press Release

DENNISVILLE — Members of Dennis Volunteer Fire Company recently traveled to Rhea County, Tenn. to make a special delivery.
Chief Robert Brewer, Deputy Chief Bruce Knoll, Lt. Mike Graham, and FF Mike Pettit traveled to Tennessee from March 11-13 to visit firefighters at Wolf Creek Fire District in Rhea County, TN, who purchased a 1989 Grumman fire truck from the company in 2014.
The members made the trek to deliver a plaque that Wolf Creek had agreed to place on the former engine in honor of the late Chief Steve Coffey, who was influential in the original purchase of the truck as well as the decision to sell it to Rhea County, and passed away unexpectedly shortly after the sale was completed.
Dennis firefighters also transported with them two truckloads full of equipment donated from area departments, including Stone Harbor and Ocean View that had been collected in the months prior to the trip.
Only one truck would make it’s way back to Dennisville, however. DVFC’s 1993 Ford F-350 Pickup Truck, will be replaced in the coming months after approval of a new truck purchase by voters during the February elections.
As a result, the officers and members of DVFC decided to donate the truck to those who need it in Rhea County.
“Our friends in Tennessee are not as fortunate as we are when it comes to funding,” said Chief Robert Brewer. “It wasn’t that long ago that our department was in a similar situation, relying on the generosity of other departments and donations from our community to better serve Dennis Township. We are extremely grateful to be in the position we are now to be able to Pay it Forward.”
Firefighters in Rhea County knew they were getting some donated equipment, but they were unaware that they were getting a vehicle as well, and were beyond surprised and grateful.
“Our brothers in New Jersey showed me the real meaning of brotherhood,” said Wolf Creek Fire District Chief Will Sergeant. “The trip also made a profound impact on me. Having the opportunity to honor a man who had helped make their department what it was is truly an honor. I’m eternally grateful to call them friends and brothers.”
Dennis firefighters plan to make another trip with donated equipment in the near future. Anyone wishing to donate used equipment can contact DVFC’s firehouse at 609-861-5708.

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