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Friday, April 12, 2024


Democrat Bob Andrzejczak Votes 95% of the Time for Gov. Phil Murphy’s Radical Liberal Agenda

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While pretending to be a moderate back home, official records released this week reveal that incumbent Democrat State Sen. Bob Andrzejczak (D-1st) votes an astounding 95% of the time with Gov. Phil Murphy and the increasingly radical liberal agenda of Trenton Democrats.
“Bob Andrzejczak’s willingness to side with Gov. Murphy and the radical liberals in Trenton is an outrage, and it’s why I am running for the state Senate,” stated Republican Mike Testa, Jr. “The Murphy-Andrzejczak agenda has had a disastrous impact on Cape May County and the rest of South Jersey. For our representative in the state Senate to vote 95% of the time with Phil Murphy is unconscionable.”
Since Murphy took office, Trenton Democrats have punished Republican counties like Cape May.
·        Democrats slashed school funding by millions of dollars, with Andrzejczak supporting the state budget that enacted those cuts. Andrzejczak’s vote will force higher property taxes, teacher layoffs, after-school participation fees, and elimination of programs.
·        Worse, while Democrat Andrzejczak supported a budget that cut nearly $4 million from our Cape May County school districts, he also voted “yes” on Murphy’s insane plan to spend millions on taxpayer-funded “free” college for illegal immigrants.
·        Continuing with the giveaways to illegal immigrants, Gov. Murphy and the Democrats declared New Jersey a sanctuary state for criminal illegal immigrants, and ordered county and local law enforcement to stop cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. When Sheriff Bob Nolan courageously decided to fight back and defend our sovereignty, Sen. Andrzejczak did nothing. Zero.
·        Then, adding insult to injury, Trenton Democrats took away millions of dollars that were earmarked to repair the Wildwood Boardwalk – the lifeblood of tourism in Cape May County. Democrat Andrzejczak’s response? A political stunt press conference and a bogus proposal to raid the state’s Transportation Trust Fund, which is supposed to be set aside for road and bridge repair by law.
Last, but not least, Sen. Andrzejczak even voted to approve a so-called “rain tax” that will charge home and business owners more money each year depending on how much rain falls from the sky. Only in New Jersey would politicians try to tax the rain.
“It’s wholly unacceptable for our region to have a state senator who votes 95% of the time with Phil Murphy,” stated GOP Senate challenger Mike Testa, Jr. “Now, more than ever, we need a Republican check and balance against one-party Democrat rule in Trenton. The Democrats have had complete control of the legislature for 15+ years, and they have failed to deliver for Cape May County and South Jersey. It’s time for a change.”
 Testa also urged Cape May County voters to pay attention to who was funding Andrzejczak’s negative campaign smears in the mailbox and on television.
 “The General Majority PAC is a shady political action committee funded with millions of dollars from Camden Democrat Party bosses, well-connected corporate special interests, and far-left extremists who want open borders, want socialized medicine, and want to trample on the Second Amendment and confiscate the guns of law-abiding Americans,” stated Testa, Jr. “If Bob Andrzejczak is such a moderate, why is the far-left willing to spend millions to re-elect him?”
Testa, Jr. said the answer is simple: Just follow the money.
“The insiders and special interests funding Bob Andrzejczak’s campaign don’t care about Cape May County or South Jersey; all they care about is lining their own pockets at our expense and turning New Jersey into the California of the East Coast. A liberal bastion where taxpayer-funded handouts replace hard work and chaos replaces the rule of law,” added Testa, Jr. “We need a change and I need Cape May County’s support on Tuesday, Nov. 5 to make it happen.”
Paid for by Testa for Senate, 424 W. Landis Avenue, Vineland, NJ 08360.

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