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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Lemonade Stand Raises Money for Injured SIC Officers

Siblings Ryder

By From Sea Isle City

SEA ISLE CITY – When a recent 9-1-1 domestic disturbance call resulted in three members of the Sea Isle City Police Department being taken to the hospital, many local property owners and visitors were understandably concerned for the wellbeing of the officers – including the members of the Symons family, who own a summer home in Sea Isle.  
Armed with love in their hearts and the intention of doing something positive in honor of the injured officers, Cosette Symons, age 7, and her brother, Ryder, age 5, decided to take action.  After formulating a plan with their parents, Jason and Krista, on the morning of August 4 the two young do-gooders erected a lemonade stand on the corner of 68th Street and Landis Avenue, where they sold cold drinks and cookies for $1 each. 
According to Krista Symons, people were quick to show their generosity when they learned about the children’s mission to help the injured officers – with many people giving $5, $10 and $20 bills for a cup of lemonade and refusing to take their change.  Additionally, two patrons donated $50 each.
“Our children sell lemonade each year for a good cause,” said Mrs. Symons. “They love doing it and they look forward to it each summer – they also love police officers and they wanted to spread that love.”
By the time Cosette and Ryder sold their last cup of lemonade, they had raised $600 in just two hours. Then, on August 5, the siblings delivered the money directly to the Police Department at City Hall, where they were greeted by Mayor Desiderio, Captain Anthony Garreffi (the SICPD’s Officer in Charge) and other members of the City’s Administration, who thanked the children for their donation. 
As they handed the money over, the youngsters learned that their donation would be added directly to the SICPD’s “Good Will Fund” and will be used to send flowers or other gifts to people who have experienced hardship or loss. 
“Donating is nice to do and God likes it,” said Cosette, who is entering the second grade in September. “We are grateful that the police protect us and help us if we are in need or in danger,” she added, as her brother Ryder nodded in agreement. 
To learn more about the Sea Isle City Police Department, follow them on Facebook or go to

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