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Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Hometown Hero: La Mer Beachfront Inn

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By Press Release

The Cape May County Coast Guard Community Foundation is pleased to recognize La Mer Beachfront Inn as a 2020 Hometown Hero award recipient. This award is presented to a community member or organization that goes above the call of duty to embrace the Coast Guard as part of the Cape May County community.
La Mer Beachfront Inn, an iconic and well-known Cape May resort who recently celebrated their 50th year in business, proudly supports the Coast Guard Community by offering a variety of memorable experiences for members of the United States Coast Guard and their families.
The Andy family, led by Gus and Fortino Andy and their four children, have dedicated themselves throughout the years to creating the contemporary Seaside Resort that stands tall today. The La Mer Beachfront Inn Staff extends a welcoming one-of-a-kind opportunity for the recruits of Training Center Cape May by providing an enjoyable home away from home.
The recruits of Training Center Cape May, on well-earned off-base liberty are treated to a place to relax and enjoy themselves after seven weeks of arduous training in boot camp. The staff of La Mer has developed a comprehensive “Day Leave” package that includes complimentary transportation to and from the base, day use of La Mer accommodations, one large pizza, exclusive discounts from local area businesses, complimentary WiFi, and access to the on-site fitness facility. Throughout the past year, many Coast Guard recruits have truly enjoyed the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the uniqueness and grandeur that La Mer Beachfront Inn and the city of Cape May have to offer.
Additionally, the La Mer Beachfront Inn offers a generous discount for members of the Coast Guard visiting La Mer and the Pier House Restaurant. This includes family members who have traveled from near or far to celebrate a loved one’s graduation from Training Center Cape May.
La Mer’s dedication and commitment to the Coast Guard Family in Cape May County is one of the many reasons that Training Center Cape May is the best place to live, work, and visit for the Coast Guard. La Mer Beachfront Inn truly goes above and beyond to embrace the Coast Guard members living and working in Cape May County as well as those visiting Training Center Cape May.
We are pleased to name La Mer Beachfront Inn as a 2020 Hometown Hero award recipient.

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