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A Letter from Captain Kathy Felger, Commanding Officer

Captain Kathy Felger

By From Captain Kathy Felger, Commanding Officer

I want to offer my personal gratitude to all the local government leaders, individuals, families, organizations, and businesses that have shown tremendous care and generosity for their Coast Guard and specifically for your support of Training Center Cape May throughout the last year.
Our staff and their families will not forget your commitment to our service. Your willingness and enthusiasm to champion our Coast Guard men and women is a shining example of South Jersey’s commitment to both our service and our nation.  
We are extremely grateful for everyone who offered opportunities to our families. We also recognize the efforts of the Cape May County Coast Guard Community Foundation in maintaining the legacy and designation of Cape May County as an official Coast Guard community – something we are all very proud of and are confident will continue to thrive.  
As we look forward to 2022, with anticipation for the waning of the COVID pandemic, we are excited for a return of treasured events such as the Cape May Coast Guard Ball, the Coast Guard Community Festival, and our Sunset Parades, where we have the chance to engage the public in the most meaningful personal interactions which make living in our community great.  
The Coast Guard is truly a global force with its personnel conducting dangerous frontline missions in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Whether conducting search and rescue operations, counter-drug missions, ice-breaking, cyber security, Arctic service, aids to navigation or other critical assignments, the Coast Guard men and women who graduate from Training Center Cape May all have one thing in common – they remember the love and support demonstrated by the community of South Jersey as they start their careers across our country and beyond. We share a deep-rooted connection with more than 100 years of history built on trust and sustained by an invaluable sense of community.  
From starting my assignment as Commanding Officer in 2019 to nearing the completion of my tour this summer, it has been my personal mission to proclaim emphatically that Cape May County is the Coast Guard’s hometown! This could not be said without the dedication every one of you has shown in ensuring that the men and women who serve here feel like family. All of you have embraced our service and supported our members through a myriad of individual and organizational outreach efforts that offered not only kind words, but also kind actions.  
Thank you again for your generosity and compassion; and thank you for your enduring support.  
Semper Paratus. Captain Kathy Felger  
Commanding Officer  
Coast Guard Training Center Cape May

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