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BIRTHS – 6-21-2006

By Rick Racela

>The following births were reported at Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital:
Evin David Lawson to John and Renee Lawson of Town Bank, March 20.
Destiny Elizabeth Bukowski to Edward Bukowski and Lori Wolf of Erma, March 24.
Olivia Ann Elizabeth Haungs to Kenneth Haungs, Jr. and Tiffany Mauger of Villas, May 18.
Brooklynn Marie Crandley to Thomas and Angela Crandley of Villas, May 18.
Blake Allen Horton to John and Jennifer Horton, May 18.
Christopher Vincent Kane, Jr. to Christopher Kane and Michelle Dietz of Court House, May 19.
California Ana Carlson to Albert Carlson and MaryAnna Spence of Rio Grande, May 21.
Rebecca Miller to Christopher Markham, Sr. and Rebecca Miller of Middle Township, May 23.
Siara Jayleen Concepcion-McGrath to Max and Sandra McGrath of North Wildwood, May 24.
Brayden Lewis Hamilton to Fred Hamilton and Kimberly Thomas of Villas, May 26.
Rylee Anna Smith to Shaun Smith and Seena Tucker of North Wildwood, May 29.
Natalie Marie Jenkins to Richard and Kimberly Jenkins of Villas, May 30.
Nijimah Nevaeh Hawkins to David Hawkins and Kendra Jones of Court House, May 3 1,
Audrey Rose Daley to Brian Daley and Samantha Snyder of North Cape May, May 31.
Monica Jordan Duffy to Thomas and Tatyana Duffy of Villas, June 1.
Karma Kimora-Li Moore to Shanina Moore of Woodbine, June 1.
Thomas Peter Liston, Jr. to Thomas Liston and Brittany DeWysockie of Erma, June1.
Alyssa Anna Morrison to Dale and Joanne Morrison of Villas, June 2.
Alexa Maycee Thomas to Trey and Amanda Thomas of Court House, June 4.
Michael Francis Hamilton to Michael Hamilton and Jennifer Scott of North Cape May, June 4.
Katherine Anna Grier to William and Elena Grier of North Wildwood, June 5.
Emily Rose Baker to Robert and Kathleen Baker of Seaville, June 5.

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