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Birth Announcements 4.12.2006

By Rick Racela

The following births were reported at Burdette Tomlin Cape Maternal and Newborn Care Center for March:
Abigail Victoria Bailey to Jennifer Guy and Claudio Bailey, West Cape May, March 2.
Devira Alyssa-Diamond Wolf to Ashley Ivins and DeAndre Wolf, Erma, March 7.
Saniya Kathryn Amin to Kathryn Charlene Valentine, Wildwood, March 7.
Aurora Marie Austin to Cheneen (Daily) and Michael Austin, Villas, March 7.
Erin Macenzie Haibach to April (Fischere) and Mark Haibach, Erma, March 9.
Atea Lynn Loesch to Stephanie (Sipple) and Kennethh Loesch, Seaville, March 9.
Anthony Joseph Jordan to Colleen Vierecka and Anthony Jordan, West Wildwood, March 10.
Christopher Edward Rothmel, Jr. to Adrianne (Garant) and Christopher Rothmel, Sr., Dennis Twp., March 10.
Ayden Michael Spence to Tamra (Panuska) and Jonathan Spence, Cape May, March 10.
Nasadeira Ann Atkinson to Samantha Atkinson, Cape May, March 13.
Aiden Patrick Rivello to Elizabeth and Ralph Rivello, II, Eldora, March 13.
Giavana Michele Famiano to Angelica Turchi and Alphonse Famiano, Jr., March 14.
Lance John-Paul Lillo to Diana (Kondrach) and Roger Lillo, Wildwood, March 15.
Sophia Abigail Spriggs to Sharon (simmons) and John Spriggs, Cape May, March 20.
Joyce Ann Kelly to Milagros Quinones and John Kelly, Wildwood, March 21.
Carleigh Elizabeth Eastman to Linda Irving and Craig Eastman, Villas, March 22.
Byron Jael Alicea to Carmen Mercado and Freddie Alicea, Wildwood, March 26.
Daniel Christopher Stout, Jr. to Rachel (Pierpont) and Daniel Stout, Sr., North Cape May, March 27.
Kody Matthew Wolf to Shawn Calverley and Shawn Wolf, Villas, March 30.
Jonathan Marrero, Jr. to Magaly Negron and Jonathan Marrero, Court House, March 30.
William Jeffrey Graham to Jane Spickler and Earl Graham, Jr., Marmora, March 31.
Shore Memorial Hospital reported the following births:
Gaven Michael Gevaudan-Mollenkof to Fawn Gevaudan and Michael Mollenkof, North Cape May, March 11.
Tyler Bailey McDevitt to Annie and Hal McDevitt, South Dennis, March 17.
James John Wyers to Jenifer Mason and James Wyers, Jr., Tuckahoe, March 22.
Malaya Lynn Smalley to Brenda Schoff and Allen Smalley, West Cape May, March 28.

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