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Birth Announcements 2/15/2006

By Rick Racela

The following births were reported at Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital:
Latrell Mechi Hatcher to Steven Hatcher and Calethia Shockley of North Cape May, Jan. 7.
Julien Jose Sola-Valez to Frankie Sola and Sonia Valez of Wildwood, Jan. 9.
Le-Aunna Gwendolin Sandberg to Lance Sandberg and Si-Ling Rosado of North Wildwood, Jan. 11.
Andrew Paul Cox to John and Emily Cox of South Dennis, Jan. 11.
Rebeka Leyva-Santa-Maria to Onesimo Leyva Corona and Beatriz SantaMaria Rosas of Cape May, Jan. 14.
Matthew John Morrison to Craig and Danielle Morrison of Villas, Jan. 15.
Kiana Kai Walden to Jeffrey and Susan Walden of Wildwood Crest, Jan. 17.
Matthew Ryan Hirt to Richard Hirt and Debra Greger of Green Creek, Jan. 18.
Jocelyn Anne Bitler to Jason and Elizabeth Bitler of Villas, Jan. 18.
Zoe Grace Hartline to Dustin and Tara Hartline of North Cape May, Jan. 18.
Kiara Rivero-Bautista to Eduardo Rivero-Corra and Cecilia Bautista-Palaez of Ocean City, Jan. 18.
Brayden Andrew Schreader to Paul and Brynn Schreader of Fishing Creek, Jan. 18.
Owen Irizarry to Keith and Terri Irizarry of North Cape May, Jan. 19.
Lacee Michelle Adams to Bryan Adams and Kelly Sullivan DeGeorge of Dennisville, Jan. 20.
Shanet Estrada to Sebastian Estrada and Yanet Ramirez of Wildwood, Jan. 20.
Giavona Christine Dorreman to Richard and Courtney Dorreman of Cape May, Jan. 21.
Christian Jahir Ortiz to Jaime Ortiz and Wanda Centeno of Wildwood, Jan. 21.
Cyonnie Leigh Godwin to Jessie Godwin and Cierra Robinson of Court House, Jan. 21.
Madison LeeAnn Palek to Keith and Jenessa Palek of Woodbine, Jan. 21.
Maximos Alexander Spada to Mauro Alexander and Gabrielle Spada of Erma, Jan. 22.
Liliana Pelaez-Rojas to Andes Pelaez and Ofelia Bal Buena of Wildwood, Jan. 25.
Sheltina Lianne Donaldson to Seneca Donaldson and Sheltina Price of Woodbine, Jan. 27.
Ashley Vargas-Lopez to Daniel Cabrera and Carolina Lopez Luis of Wildwood, Jan. 28.
Deanna Sage Comly to William Comly III and Amanda Cox of Sea Isle City, Jan. 30.
Aryella Isabelle Hill to Jonathan Qualli and Sigrid Shelton of Erma, Feb. 1.
James Hunter Gaskill III to James Gaskill, Jr. and Christine Riley of Villas, Feb. 1.
And at Shore Memorial Hospital:
Brandon Robert and Brianna Michelle Loper  to Robert and Michelle Loper of Court House, Jan. 8.
Madison Brielle to Shawn Rossetti and Sarah Frankel of Ocean City, Jan. 16.
Autumn Whildon to Bill and Kathy Whildon of Villas, Jan. 19.
Allen Scott Lemmon to Allen and Melissa Lemmon of North Cape May, Jan. 24.
Isabella Marie Tilsner to Gus and Amy Tilsner of Rio Grande, Jan. 31.

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