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Casey and Gould Exclusive

Casey and Gould for Freeholder

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Currently, we have lost count of how many lawsuits have been filed back and forth with the current Cape May County Freeholder Board, but here is another one.
Freeholders Hayes and Morey have found themselves slapped with another retaliation suit, this time from Elizabeth Bozzelli. For those of you following the current shipwreck of an administration, Bozzelli is the county administrator whose standing was affected by Marie Hayes.
The actions taken by Hayes were found to violate the county’s conflict of interest and retaliation policies, which ended in an unprecedented censure of Freeholder Hayes.
The latest development just in – County Administrator Bozzelli is suing Freeholders Marie Hayes and Will Morey.
Elizabeth Bozzelli has filed a retaliation lawsuit against Hayes and Morey stating this action and the continuing false, derogatory and humiliating comments they continued to make concerning Bozzelli has affected her livelihood and her family. This action exacerbates the extreme turmoil currently occurring in Cape May County.
In the extraordinary series of attacks between incumbent Freeholders Jerry Thornton and Marie Hayes in their re-election bid, we now see the county being elevated to a new unprecedented level of dysfunction. The meltdown we are witnessing by officials is causing irreparable damage to the county.
These charges provide the final undeniable evidence that the county is severely broken. It is urgent to cast your vote Nov. 5 for Liz Casey and Joyce Gould for Freeholder to stop the abuses and rebuild the county government.
Visit for the complete filing of the civil action.
Ordered and paid for by Casey and Gould for Freeholder, 2700 Pacific Ave., Wildwood, NJ 08260.

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