Friday, December 1, 2023

Cape Tech Students Practice First-Aid with Army National Guard

Cape Tech students got real-world experience when the Army Corp came to teach them important first-aid lessons.

By From Cape Tech

MIDDLE TOWNSHIP – High school students at Cape Tech received real-world experience as they practiced first aid techniques utilized by the Army National Guard.
Sergeant Dario Colombo from the local Army National Guard presented and practiced first aid techniques with the high school Allied Medical students. Ms. Tracey Skiles, Allied Medical Program of Study teacher, said that “this was such a great educational experience for the students. All students actively participated in simulated life saving first aid techniques that are utilized by our armed services.”
Allied Medical is a three -year program of study designed for students who display an interest in the health-care field. The program offers a carefully sequenced composite of college-level work maximizing the availability of college credits on a tuition-free basis along with receiving practical health care practitioner skills.
This is achieved through academic, clinical, and community service opportunities. Students experience clinical rotations in various health care settings.
For additional information on the Allied Medical Program of Study at Cape May County Technical High School, visit

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