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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Cape Tech Awarded Sustainability Grant

By Press Release

CREST HAVEN – Cape May County Technical High School was awarded a $2,000 Sustainable Jersey for Schools capacity-building grant funded by the PSEG Foundation.
This grant is one of four $10,000 grants and thirty $2,000 grants distributed to support on-the-ground, sustainability and capacity building projects in schools and districts across New Jersey.
According to a release, Cape Tech’s winning entry Getting “Bat’ to Nature Trail was submitted by Hanna Toft, Natural Science Technology Program of Study teacher.  
A nature trail will be developed with bat houses and identification signs for native species of flora and fauna. A camera will be installed so that students can analyze footage and data on the wildlife and environmental changes in the space.
The trails will be open to the public with student-led tours.
“Sustainable Jersey recognizes the innovative sustainability work happening in New Jersey schools. By supporting these efforts, we celebrate the impact being made while working toward solutions for many of the big sustainability concerns that are reaching a crisis point,” stated Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey. He extended his congratulations to all of the schools and districts that received grants.
The PSEG Foundation has contributed $1.9 million dollars in funding to the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program. “The PSEG Foundation is passionate about its aim to support and invest in education and workforce development and build and sustain thriving communities,” said Barb Short, president, PSEG Foundation. “We are proud to partner with Sustainable Jersey, an organization bringing about real positive change for our state, to help fund projects that foster sustainable neighborhoods, economic development, and education. By supporting sustainable education in schools, we can help guide children and engage entire communities in the ways to help create opportunities and transform the environment.”
Proposals were evaluated by an independent Blue-Ribbon Selection Committee. The Sustainable Jersey for Schools grants are intended to help school districts and schools make progress toward a sustainable future in general, and specifically toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification.
Currently, 331 districts and 864 schools have registered to work toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification.

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