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Volunteers Upgrade Local School’s Campus

11-20 BUSINESS Bishop High School

By Press Release

Lowe’s Home Improvement employees volunteered their time Nov. 6 to construct a gazebo, picnic tables, and install a sensory table on Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School’s campus.
Lowe’s of Rio Grande chose the project as part of its Heroes grant program, which benefits a local nonprofit organization or K-12 public school, in an effort to make a difference.
“We’re grateful to Lowe’s for creating these additional learning spaces where our students may grow, play and learn,” said Tom McGuire, principal of Bishop McHugh School. “By providing the volunteers and the materials, Lowe’s is truly setting the example for our students of what it means to give and to make a difference.”
All materials were donated by Lowe’s. For the project, 11 employees from the store donated their time. They were assisted by school staff and parent volunteers.

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