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Saturday, May 18, 2024


The Wildwoods Pick Up Three Tourism Accolades

By Herald Staff

WILDWOOD – The accolades and awards keep on coming as the Wildwoods picked up three major tourism honors last month, including recognition from two of the country’s most influential companies, AOL and Forbes, along with an award from New Jersey’s leading historic preservation organization, Preservation New Jersey.
The Wildwoods were named one of AOL’s Top 10 More Beach for Your Money destinations. For this list, the Wildwoods’ beaches were listed among other major US beaches including those found in Maui, Hawaii and Huntington Beach, California. 
The Wildwoods’ wide beaches and two-mile long Boardwalk, featuring their famous 140-foot Ferris wheel and three amusement piers, along with the Wildwoods’ nostalgic Doo Wop ambiance and retro architecture, secured the Wildwoods beaches’ place on the list.
The Wildwoods gained another prestigious designation when the Wildwoods Boardwalk was listed as one of the nation’s Top 10 American Boardwalks by The Wildwoods’ two-mile Boardwalk was recognized among the nation’s best boardwalks because of its high number of yearly visitors, its three fun-filled amusement piers and its vast number of shops and eateries.
In addition, the Wildwoods were recently named 2009’s Best of New Jersey Heritage Tourism by Preservation New Jersey. The Wildwoods received nearly 40% of the total votes cast for the title among the twenty-eight New Jersey heritage tourism destinations included in the statewide competition. The Wildwoods’ historic Doo Wop properties and culture have become known nationwide and internationally as an American treasure, and have played a major role in drawing heritage tourists to the seashore resort.
John Siciliano, Executive Director for the GWTIDA, said this about the tourism honors: “Words can’t describe how honored we are to be listed among the nation’s top beaches and boardwalks, along with being recognized for our unique Doo Wop heritage. These three prestigious honors, along with all of the others we’ve received throughout the years, show that the Wildwoods have truly grown to become one of the East Coast’s top vacation destinations. We hope that these honors attract even more visitors to our beautiful five-mile island so they can see, first-hand, what we have always known: that the Wildwoods’ offers guests a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to our distinctive Doo Wop heritage and our free beaches and boardwalk which, we can proudly say, are among the country’s best.”
Earlier this summer, the Wildwoods were named one of’s 50 Authentic American Experiences for 2009 and one of Sherman’s Travel’s Top Ten American Boardwalks

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