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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Planning, Zoning Application Process Changes in Avalon

By Herald Staff

AVALON –– Avalon Planning and Zoning Board announced new procedures for applications that go before the board for approval in an Oct. 8 press release.
The release stated:
“We believe that the changes are very beneficial to the public because they streamline the process and help prevent extra work from being done to make the process go more smoothly, and more quickly,” said Avalon Planning and Zoning Board Secretary Paul Short, Sr.
Changes made to the application forms include:
• The initial submission of one original copy, and three photocopies of a completed application. Previously, applicants had to provide one original and 16 photocopies from the beginning of the process. The 17 total copies are still needed at the end of the application, but not at the beginning. This will prevent extra copies and extra work in case the application is faulty, or incomplete.
• Along with proof of payment of taxes, applicants will now have to provide proof of payment of water and sewer bills through the New Jersey American Water Company. A one-page form is now part of the new application.
• The submission must include completion of “checklists” that are included in the application. Depending on what the applicant is seeking, up to five checklists will have to be completed. This helps the applicant make sure the paperwork is complete from the beginning of the process.
“Avalon conducts a periodic review of the master plan, and is required to review procedures and zoning ordinances from time to time”, Short said. “We believe these changes will help applicants submit accurate and complete paperwork from the beginning of the process.”
The new, revised application was approved during the Sept. 2 meeting of the Avalon Planning and Zoning Board.
The application is available at the Planning/Zoning Board office at the Avalon Borough Hall, 3100 Dune Drive, Avalon, NJ. The application can also be emailed from the office, or available for view and download from the Avalon Borough Website,

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