Friday, September 22, 2023

Oh, Mrs. McGillicuddy, What Property’s Worth Today!

By C.M. Mattessich

The corner property transferred hands many times since its original carve-out in the late 1800’s, with sale prices fluctuating even more dramatically than ownership.  Deeds date back to 1881, when those wild, wild woods were just being “settled” by syndicates of land developers.  A summary:
October 1881:  The land was among hundreds of Anglesea lots which Rebecca Simpson, a “singlewoman of Philadelphia,” purchased for a total of $10,000 from The Five Mile Beach Improvement Co.  Her deed contained covenants against hog pens and slaughterhouses, and requiring well-built “privy-wells.”
May 1882:  Rebecca Simpson left the property for a nominal amount to James Patrick, who subsequently passed away.  His widow married John Rowbotham.
July 1905:  John Rowbotham sold to Louis H. Wehmeyer for the grand total of $1.
November 1906:  Wehmeyer sold to Robert A. Smith of Phila-delphia for $450.
August 1922:  Smith sold to Giacomo Mattera for “$100 and other lawful money.”
April 1970:  Mattera sold to Albert and Elizabeth Turpin for $30,000.
January 1973:  The Turpins sold to William and Elizabeth Kelly for $47,500.
October 1979:  The Kellys sold to Walter and Theresa Garvin for $248,000.
May 1986:  The Garvins sold to Mark Rohlfing for $250,000.
April 1989:  Mark Rohlfing sold to Robert and Woodrow Hall for $200,000.
May 1997:  The Hall brothers sold to HuNan Realty Inc. for $200,000.
May 2002:  HuNan Realty Inc. sold to Thomas and Arlene Thornton for $350,000.
June 2004:  The Thorntons sold to David Chiavoroli and Dina Cataldi for $600,000.
June 2005:  Chiavaroli and Cataldi sold to Striped Bass LLC for $950,000.
Last Month:  Striped Bass LLC sold to Casey Brothers LLC for $1,099,000.

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