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Monday, June 17, 2024


Leader Printers and Graphics Expands Graphic Design and Printing Capabilities


By Herald Staff

Leader Printers and Graphics has served Cape May County for nearly fifty years. Dennis Hall, who originally hails from New Mexico, now calls Cape May County ‘home’ after he purchased the print shop from the now-defunct Wildwood Leader newspaper in 1974. At the time, Leader only offered single-color traditional offset printing. 

In the decades that followed, Leader Printers and Graphics has kept up with the latest in printing technology and now offers greatly expanded graphic design services and print capabilities. Leader now offers full-color digital printing, a huge shift from the print shop’s humble beginnings. Leader’s new name, “Leader Printers and Graphics,” marks a significant step forward for the local print shop. 

Earlier this year, Leader added Emily Hadorn, a full-time graphic artist, to help them expand their graphic design capabilities. The graphics team works with state-of-the-art computers and software to bring clients’ visions to life. 

Beyond graphic design, Leader has invested significant capital into its printing presses. Two years ago, Leader welcomed “the Beast” into its care. “The Beast” is a new Canon Image press (the Canon Image PRESS C8000VP) that allows Leader to take on a new swathe of orders. “The Beast” prints at 2400 x 2400 dpi and can output as many as 100 letter-sized prints a minute. 

The print team has worked with digital presses for over a decade, but “the Beast” means that Leader Printers and Graphics now has the largest Canon digital press in the area. 

To celebrate Leader Printers and Graphics’ new capabilities, the county’s economic development manager stopped by the print shop for a visit.  

Joe Molineaux has held the role of Economic Development Manager for just under two years; the ripple effect of his work is felt all over the county. Molineaux brings unique expertise in various forms of media, including video, radio, and finally, print! Molineaux recently met with Dennis Hall to discuss the future of business in the county. The warm and fruitful conversation left everyone at Leader Printers and Graphics encouraged by the role they play, and will play, in Cape May County’s future. 

In recent years, the county’s Economic Development Program has taken special focus on growing Cape May County’s emerging technology sector. One of Leader Printers and Graphics’ primary goals as a business is to be able to offer its customers the best and most current technology that the print industry has to offer

Leader Printers and Graphics looks forward to working with businesses to provide their print and advertising needs as the technology sector grows. 

Leader Printers and Graphics’ primary dedication was, and still is, to good old-fashioned face-to-face customer service. 2022 marks the business’s 48th year in Wildwood Crest. This kind of local longevity is achieved only through the power of personal connection and quality service. 

Leader Printers and Graphics serves hundreds of customers across South Jersey; they work to fulfill a wide variety of design and printing needs. 

Visit Leader Printers and Graphics in-person at 5914 New Jersey Ave in Wildwood Crest. Give them a call at 609-729-0161 or email them at 

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