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In This Olympic Year ~ Yet Another Source of Bronze, Silver and Gold

By C.M. Mattessich

Olympics Not the Only Source of Bronze, Silver and Gold
It used to be called the “Million Dollar Sales Club,” but with the rapid appreciation of prop-erty values in recent years, that term became far too inclusive in describing the sales perform-ance of stand-out real estate professionals.
To continue the tradition of recognizing their most productive members on a yearly basis, in 2002 various state and local realtor associations changed the name of the elite group to the “Circle of Excellence.”
And on Feb. 10, the Cape May County Association of Realtors (CMCAR) held a “Circle of Excellence Gala” at the Wildwood Convention Center to fete this county’s honorees for their 2005 sales performance.
Over 400 CMCAR members and their guests attended for an evening of socializing, good food, entertainment by the 8-piece Jeremiah Hunter Band, and the presentation of awards.  First-time honorees received a handsome plaque;  repeat performers received an engraved plate to add to the plaques they’ve already received.
Award levels – bronze, silver, and gold – are dependent on both the cumulative value of a salesperson’s transactions, and the number of units sold, during the year.  A bronze award signi-fies a cumulative value of at least $3 million, and at least 15 sales;  a silver award, $7.5 million and 20 units;  a gold award, $15 million and 25 units;  and a platinum award, $25 million and 30 units.
CMCAR’s Ann Sanderson told the Herald that 155 awards were given at the recent gala:  69 bronze;  43 silver;  19 gold;  and 24 platinum.  Of these, 33 were first-time winners, said San-derson.
A full list of honorees may be found at p. __.
Also at the Feb. 10 gala, CMCAR’s 2006 President Michael Powers, together with executive officer Ann Marie Uhlman, presented Linda Boyer of Century 21 Alliance Stone Harbor with a plaque noting her election as CMCAR’s 2005 Realtor of the Year.

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